Greenbelt Station balloon test

On Saturday Feb. 17, six balloons were raised around the Greenbelt Metro station to demonstrate how tall six planned buildings will rise. I am very tardily posting some photos I took of these balloons.

This Gazette article has more details on the balloon test. More and better photos have been posted on Joe Smith’s College Park Observer site, but my photos are taken from the metro station itself. I was there on the 17th, and I didn’t see any of the dignitaries Joe Smith mentions, but my wife and I got there around the middle of the time period, so maybe the mayor went home. I walked all through the metro station and did not see anyone official.

I did run into a couple of reporters taking photos. Lifelong area residents, they mentioned that the area to the south, which will be mostly townhouses according to the development plan, is now a gravel storage area.

Anyway, without (even) further ado, the photos.

Looking north from the station entrance:

Facing north from Metro entrance

Looking east:

Facing east from Metro entrance

Looking south:

Facing south from Metro entrance

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