unittest.js: Writing unit tests for Javascript

A while back I posted a long investigation of Scriptaculous’s unit testing framework, which is in the unittest.js file distributed with Scriptaculous. I’ve gotten around to writing some actual tests, so if you’d like to read about how it works, check out my little article about implementing unittest.

Comments re-enabled

So, I haven’t been accepting comments on my posts for a while now. From a practical standpoint, it’s because I hate spam, and spam was all I was getting. In a more philosophical vein, I liked Dave Winer’s stance on comments, and Joel Spolsky’s gloss of Dave Winer’s stand — if you want to comment, […]

Seven for Scheme

Thanks to a plug from my study group from Lispy, I’ve gotten several emails from interested Schemers, and there are now seven of us. I’ve decided to “close admissions” now, since I don’t think a really big group would be advisable. I’ll be posting this fall about the course, so please follow along if you […]

Some surprising stuff JavaScript can do

As promised, here are some links to work real programmers are doing on JavaScript. First, from raganwald, the self-described passionate software developer with the mighty Viking name, a long examination of using block structures in JS. And from Eric Kidd, a guy who describes himself as “into compilers, robotics, and programming language design”, here’s a […]

Towards more bottom-up programming with JavaScript

In my latest dispatch on JavaScript, I describe some curious ways to decompose your program into functions that return functions. This technique seems to promise programs that are structured into more cohesive and smaller pieces, and the process of coding accordingly sure feels like working from the specific to the general. Plus I produce, among […]

SICP on MIT’s OCW anyone?

Update: I’ve signed up six people for the study group, and I’m capping the size of the group there. Hooray for acronyms. How else could I fit all that information into my post’s title. To unpack the question — is anyone interested in joining me in taking the MIT course 6.001 Structure and Interpretation of […]

Blackle: small steps, when multiplied, make a differencce

My next-door neighbor just told me about Blackle, a site that presents a Google custom search on a black background with gray text. The site’s owner, Heap Media, produced this in response to a blog post that claimed megawatts of energy could be saved worldwide if the millions of screens displaying Google’s main page every […]

What I Like about Squidoo

Squidoo is a personal web content aggregation tool. In classic Web 2.0 style, Squidoo lets you collect a lot of online content about a specific topic and add your own text and images to it. I’ve given it a try, and I think it’s worth my time to put some effort into it. I do […]

Unit testing a la script.aculo.us

Recently I mentioned I was looking into ways to do unit testing in JavaScript and that I found the script.aculo.us file unittest.js to be promising. Because the maintainers of the code have better things to do than document it completely, I found I needed to read through the code to get a good idea of […]