DC Clojure study group

Members of Fringe DC are organizing a Washington DC area study group around learning Clojure and hacking some righteous artifacts with it. The first meeting is Sunday, December 7, at 1PM at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room, 1725 Columbia Rd NW. We’ll be meeting in person for about 3 hours every 2 or 3 weeks, and […]

Some notes on Clojure

The programming language Clojure is enjoying a surge in recent activity and interest, capped by a presentation by its inventor at the end of the Lisp50 program at OOPSLA. Lispy has a good recounting of Hickey’s talk on his blog. There’s interest in forming a study group here in the DC area, under the auspices […]

Function-wrapping and BDD-style specs in javascript

I’ve been spending too much time with javascript lately. It probably isn’t healthy for me. I’ll get back to my own Clojure project and paying Ruby work soon enough, but right now I’m working on an interface-intensive project, so I’m up to my neck to explicit returns and key:value notation. I was looking into improving […]

“Book, essay, remark”

I haven’t posted anything to this blog for a while. Apparently I’m not alone. Not blogging is the new blogging: so says Wired. My Scheme-mate Chuck seems to have thrown off his blog as a matter of self-preservation. At the same time, we’ve both been active on Twitter. It is a lot easier to fire […]