Mustache support for Rails 3: generator

At RailsConf, Jeremy McAnally noted that no one had built a new-style Rails generator for the mustache template system. So I’m giving it a try. You can see my progress so far on github. I’ve forked the rails3-generator project started by José Valim and carried on by several contributors, and I’ve added just a little bit of support for mustache file creation in controller and scaffold generators. I was greatly helped by Paul Barry’s post on adding a Haml generator to the same project.

The next steps are to flesh out the generator templates and try to get a working mustache template engine. Mustache and Rails don’t officially work together yet. That’s a goal for mustache 1.0. I’m excited, however, about Martin Gamsjaeger’s promising implementation.

I’d like to see a gem that gives you complete Rails support for mustache: the template engine, generators, helpers, and documentation. I’d also like to see the gem work with Tilt, which claims to provide a generic interface to mustache already.

If you’re interested in helping, well… fork me!