3 languages

I need to clarify my interests. I keep getting calls from recruiters who want to hire me to do Perl or database management. So, I am trying out an experiment in self-analysis by describing my enthusiasms as they relate to specific programming languages. I am currently interested in the web software applications of Ruby, JavaScript, […]

JSConf Epilogue: we <3 Mozilla Dev Center

Just a quick note: at JSConf, Chris Williams, John Resig, and others called on all JS bloggers to pimp MDC as much as possible. And they’re absolutely right: we should try to push it higher in the search results pages for JavaScript by giving it lots of inbound links. So, here’s my contribution. Go go, […]

JSConf US 2010: Harder Better Faster Stronger

(Or, my impressions of JSConf US 2010) I wrote a very ambitious (and partially successful) post last year attempting to recap the first JSConf. I can’t even pretend to repeat that feat this year: track B was so good that I spent half my time in it, and I couldn’t get to everything I wanted […]

Futures, promises, asynchonicity, and concurrency

It’s a concurrent world, and, increasingly, it’s an asynchronous world too. Many things are going on at the same time, and it’s impossible to determine exactly when each is starting or ending. In other words, everything is fast and out of control. As a software developer, both concurrency and asynchronicity are more important concepts than […]

Twitter, geocoding, and JavaScript in Baltimore

I drove up to Baltimore’s Beehive coworking space last night to meet the folks in the Baltimore/DC Javascript Users group. We poked around the Twitter API and looked at both what you could get from the API via JSONP and what you could do with it.

So Much Win at JSConf 2009

Offered for your approval, one attendee’s observations of JSConf 2009, held this April in Rosslyn, Virginia. First, propers are due to Chris and Laura Williams for setting this up. A conference for javascript is an idea whose time has come. The speakers were outstanding. The food and after-party were fantastic, too. If there’s a JSConf […]

Function-wrapping and BDD-style specs in javascript

I’ve been spending too much time with javascript lately. It probably isn’t healthy for me. I’ll get back to my own Clojure project and paying Ruby work soon enough, but right now I’m working on an interface-intensive project, so I’m up to my neck to explicit returns and key:value notation. I was looking into improving […]