My summer of hustle

The mojitos have been drunk, the neglected lawn work is mostly completed — Memorial Day is over, and now our de facto summer in the United States begins. I’m writing this post more for myself than for you, generous reader. I hope you forgive my brief use of the weblog’s confessional mode. I need to […]

“Book, essay, remark”

I haven’t posted anything to this blog for a while. Apparently I’m not alone. Not blogging is the new blogging: so says Wired. My Scheme-mate Chuck seems to have thrown off his blog as a matter of self-preservation. At the same time, we’ve both been active on Twitter. It is a lot easier to fire […]

Return from Hoseage

After being alerted to a lot of spam links hidden in my posts, I took action, including upgrading my Word Press software to version 2.5. Unfortunately, it turned out the spam hackers, using SQL injection to gain access to my blog’s database, had left it utterly, in the words of the Dreamhost support team, “hosed.” […]