An Unexpected Crime Report

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten back to working on my crime tracker. In the meantime, an interesting crime report came to our email boxes: a robbery on an illegal gambling house. The report got my attention for three reasons: 1) Apparently the operators of the illegal gambling house chose to call the police after the robbery, 2) The report does not give the address; it just describes the location as a nearby residential neighborhood, 3) The robbers took, along with other things, the victims’ pants.

Points 1 and 3 are interesting as sociological data about criminal behavior, but point 2 is a challenge to my data model. I can’t enter a report for a report without a location: a latitude and longitude. I’ll have to think about how to address it.

The report, in case you were curious:

INCIDENT:     Robbery
OCCURRED:     01/27/2007, 2:20 a.m.
LOCATION:     Gambling House in Nearby Residential Neighborhood
PGCPD CASE #: 07-027-0193

On 01/27/2007, at approximately 2:20 a.m., two suspects entered a
house in a nearby residential neighborhood, displayed handguns, and
announced a robbery.  The house was occupied by approximately fifteen
individuals including some University of Maryland students.  The
suspects took cash, cell phones and the victims’ pants.

Reportedly, the house was recently purchased and appeared to
have been converted into a gambling house.  The basement was furnished
with three professional gambling tables, flat screen TVs, a cash room,
and a bar.  Most of the victims were patrons of the gambling house.
Some victims/patrons may have left prior to the arrival of police.

Additional information, including a description of the suspects, if
available, can be obtained by accessing the “Crime Alerts” portion of
our web site.

The Prince George’s County Police Department is conducting an
investigation.  Individuals with any information regarding this incident
or the possible identity of the suspects are encouraged to contact Lt.
Hipps, Prince George’s County Police Commander, District 1 Investigation
Section (301-699-2954).

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