Greenbelt Station balloon test

On Saturday Feb. 17, six balloons were raised around the Greenbelt Metro station to demonstrate how tall six planned buildings will rise. I am very tardily posting some photos I took of these balloons.

And just what is “this”?

I’ve just spent about three hours debugging JavaScript. If you’ve never debugged JavaScript yourself, let me assure you, it’s a real pain. Rejoice that your life, whatever its disappointments, has not led you to this pass. If you have, and you know my pain, let me share some hard-won insight and advice. For instance, “this” […]

Getting It Done

I’m a self-taught web programmer, and I’ve noticed that to a degree all technical books, inevitably, present best-case examples, in which programming is starting from scratch, and the project is fairly simple and well-defined. That’s a reasonable fantasy to use for didactic purposes. After all, it would be distracting for an author, or a reader, […]