You like Paul Graham? Me too!

Following an admiration chain, starting with someone I admire, I wound up reading Paul Graham’s essays. I added some feeds to my news reader, and all of a sudden I’ve found a fairly big party, in progress. I’m inundated with news, information, and opinion. I’m paying attention. But what does it mean?

You got your horcrux in my gillyweed!

Yes, it’s almost time. I can’t resist a post about the forthcoming Harry Potter book, number 7, which ends the epic story of the boy wizard. Incidentally, my wife and I are only one book away from finishing another 7-novel series, which I think clocks in at a few hundred pages more, although we’ll see […]

I discover the Scriptaculous unit test code

In my last post I whinged about not liking jsUnit. I hoped I would find something better by looking at how the Prototype people test their code. Well, I was close: I remembered seeing some unit and functional testing in one of the JS packages I use, and it turned out to be Scriptaculous I […]

Seeking test frameworks for JavaScript

I’m doing a lot of work with JavaScript right now. I’ve been coding in sin, though: I haven’t done any regression testing. No unit tests, no functional tests. In part, I’ve just been lazy; but in my own defense, how do you unit test JavaScript? Well, I’m thinking about collecting one of the most interesting […]