My blog is godless communist bullshit

Giles is right. As usual. In my recent post, I included a passage from Giles’ blog that I disagreed with. Except… Giles didn’t author that passage, Seth Godin did. Giles was just quoting it. I’m sorry, Giles. I’m correcting my post now. Nothing stings quite like announcing your own brilliant close reading and then discovering […]

JSConf Epilogue: we <3 Mozilla Dev Center

Just a quick note: at JSConf, Chris Williams, John Resig, and others called on all JS bloggers to pimp MDC as much as possible. And they’re absolutely right: we should try to push it higher in the search results pages for JavaScript by giving it lots of inbound links. So, here’s my contribution. Go go, […]

“Book, essay, remark”

I haven’t posted anything to this blog for a while. Apparently I’m not alone. Not blogging is the new blogging: so says Wired. My Scheme-mate Chuck seems to have thrown off his blog as a matter of self-preservation. At the same time, we’ve both been active on Twitter. It is a lot easier to fire […]