A Ruby on Rails mystery, and the price of magic

I count myself lucky that I can earn a living programming with Ruby and in particular with the Ruby on Rails framework. But every tool, even the best, has a few surprises up its sleeve. Sometimes you get hung up on something quirky, but more often you’re having a problem with a feature—something that’s there […]

More fun with linked lists: implementing each and sort

A little while ago I posted about my indulgent use of a linked list in a Ruby on Rails project I’m working on. The list allowed me to define the linked objects’ methods in the recursive case analysis style I’ve learned from programming in Scheme. I wrote that I was surprised that this decision hasn’t […]

Love/Hate: RSpec

I decided a couple of months ago that my haphazard unit testing practices were not covering enough of my Rails projects’ code. It’s easy, when you’re the only developer on a project, to get pretty lazy about a lot of things, and testing is one of them. See, I believe firmly in testing. Untested code […]